Our Culture

These are exciting times for Enfield Council.  Our new Chief Executive, Ian Davis,  was appointed in May 2017 and it was his view that the organisation culture at that time was not fit for purpose to meet the challenges the Council faces in the future.  To test his proposition, he commissioned a survey to ask staff what they wanted as the ideal organisation culture and how they perceived the current culture.  Over 50% of staff responded to the survey.  The results showed a  mismatch between the ideal  and the perceived present culture.  Staff described an ideal culture where they are empowered to make decisions, innovate,  be open and honest, be supported and work together to resolve problems.  However, the perceived present state did not live up to this.

The survey identified a number of areas including employee involvement and influence, the use of rewards and customer focus which needed to be addressed. To resolve the issues we have now embarked on a culture change programme - led by an Assistant Director but firmly in the hands of all staff. These are early days for the programme but already changes can be seen and felt.

We have identified 4 key behaviours that are key to the delivery of our vision for Enfield.

We want staff who will work collaboratively, flexibly and constructively, and exhibit this ethos in all their dealings with residents, colleagues and partners. Our leaders will be exemplars of the following behaviours and encourage them in staff at all levels; 

Takes Responsibility

We want staff who are willing to make decisions and be accountable for them. Staff should have a positive can-do attitude where the see problems as challenges which can be overcome. They should accept responsibility for service delivery, be clear about their service offer and deliver what they promise.

Is Open, Honest and Respectful

We want staff who are comfortable and confident to acknowledge the difficulties and the barriers they face. They should also be able to constructively challenge the way things are done where there is evidence that it impedes service delivery. Challenge should be conducted in a professional, courteous manner with the aim of reaching a mutually agreeable resolution.

Actively Listening and Learning 

We want staff who are prepared to actively listen and reflect on customer concerns with a view to understanding the customer’s point of view. Staff should be able to receive constructive criticism and be prepared to adapt the way they operate and deliver services where appropriate.

Working Together to find solutions

We want staff who can work collaboratively with other departments and partners, freely sharing their knowledge and skills to identify solutions to address customer concerns.